Breed: Shar Pei

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: L
Blue is a very handsome, rather tall, larger Shar-pei who is in need of a new and experienced home. He loves kids, has been out for walks with other dogs and is dying to be a full time companion to an experienced home! He is a four year old, neutered blue boy who's stunning looks are not well represented here, not yet! Better photos to come and a video that shows him off better can be viewed here too!

Blue has not had much attention since the third child came to be born in his home and he is anxious, ready and needs to have more attention and affection than his current home can provide.

Blue has lived with kids from ages 0 - 14 and loves the kids he lives with but is unsure of strangers of all ages. He is protective of his home and his family so they have not allowed him to meet many people other than his immediate family. He is very comfortable with those he knows and those who are comfortable with him but will try to bully those who are easily intimidated. He is a softy under that unsure and protective exterior and if you guide him he will show you and those you know the love and acceptance he wants for himself!

Blue has skin and ear issues that we are certain a more appropriate diet and regular ear treatment will take care of. He is being fed a diet we think may be causing his skin an ears to react. Those familiar with the breed will recognize that this is a common issue often relieved once diet and regular ear treatment is initiated.

Blue's family bought him not knowing anything about the breed; they just wanted a puppy but that puppy is now a big, teenager who needs more than they can give him. The family did not anticipate being so busy a home that they could not provide his exercise needs. Blue will flourish in a breed-savvy home that has the time to meet his physical and emotional needs. Blue loves attention, affection and is a playful and energetic boy who needs a home that can commit to his needs.

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