Breed: Shar Pei

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: M
November 20th!

Baloo has found a new, very experienced, foster home where he will continue training and is already doing well! He is now in Squamish and we would love to introduce you to him! Check back for updates here and on Facebook!

Big thanks to his new foster family who have taken him in!

November Update:

Baloo is not going to be able to stay where he is due to a sudden and serious illness in his foster family. We were notified today that he will have to be moved to another foster or adopt home asap.

Baloo has been enrolled in training and TnT has paid up-front for training classes. Any foster or adopt home would be encouraged to continue with these classes that are already paid for. Due to illness he has only gone to a few classes and should be going on a regular basis to really benefit from them. Baloo can be a dominant dog and protective of his home and people. He bonds quickly to those he knows but is unsure around strangers. The training classes were helping and will continue to help Baloo to be less re-active around strangers.

Baloo had few issues in his previous foster home but the environment was very different. Baloo loved the young kids in the home but older kids and adults he is/was protective around. As you can see in the video and pictures of Baloo he has a very sweet and cuddly disposition, is good with young kids, cats and most other dogs.

Baloo would be best suited for an experienced home where his training can continue. He, like any dog, needs guidance, commitment and will then be the loyal companion he wants and yearns to be.

Baloo is now in the lower mainland trying a new home on for size! Thanks so much to Marnie and her wonderful family for taking such good care of him and Maggie! Check back for updates and find us and LIKE us on Facebook to get the latest Baloo! span style="color: #3b;">span>>/span>i-Rescue/918

Check out Baloo's new video and photos with him hanging out with the cat and the new baby! He is a pretty tolerant and loving guy! Not to mention photogenic, handsome and a big ham!

Well Baloo's foster family has had another healthy and happy addition but sadly a loss as well. Sadly Baloo's foster K-9 sister passed away rather suddenly a few months before his foster family welcomed their healthy baby girl. Baloo has just not been the same without his Shar-pei sister and with the family now having another little one to care for. Baloo's foster family is now that much busier and he no longer has another dog in the home to play with. He needs more than his foster family can give him now and we would like to find him a place closer to our main volunteer base in the lower mainland. Baloo is currently in Kelowna and will make his way here once we can find him a place.

Baloo is looking for a home with another loving family and perhaps another K-9 sibling as well. He is good with kids and other dogs but can be a bit excitable and is an energetic guy who may is sometimes not aware of his own strength or size! He is a young and playful pup who plays best with those his size. He is too much around wee ones (dogs and toddlers). Baloo is an all around social and happy guy who needs some guidance and would love to attend training classes if you are up for it!

Baloo's foster family is about to become larger and he has not found a forever home as great a match but we know it is out there! His loving foster family is expecting another two-legged addition in a few months and would love Baloo to have found his forever family by then.
Please let us introduce you to this happy, active, fun, well-socialized young dog!
Baloo is loving his new life, his new family and his foster sister, Maggie the Shar-pei! They have become an amazing pair and we hope to find another match as good as his foster family for Baloo.
He has had lots of adventure in his foster home, hikes everyday, lots of love, attention, exercise and everything a dog could dream of! If he is in another home where he gets the same type of life it would be ideal!
Please contact us and let us know what you have to offer this beautiful boy!
Baloo is now in a foster home with kids and other dogs! Thanks to Marni and her family for taking in another Pei! Please contact us to find out how he is doing in his foster home and/or check back for more updates!
Baloo is not with TnT Rescue but at the Shuswap SPCA who contacted us hoping we could help find him a home. Baloo is a great dog who is just plain bored at the shelter and wants another family to live with!
We had a volunteer go to the shelter, take these great pix and meet him.
This is what she had to say about Baloo!
I had the pleasure of meeting Baloo and the staff at the Shuswap SPCA on Wednesday.
Baloo is a very sweet boy and I was quite impressed with him. He has a beautiful light sand colored coat and a charming personality.
His eyes are a little cross-eyed, but if I had such gorgeous wrinkles on my nose, I'd probably be cross eyed too from trying to check out my wrinkles all day.
He had a small skin irritation behind one of his ears, but it was mentioned his kibble was initially changed when he arrived at the shelter and that's when it developed. His diet has since been switched back to his original regular kibble and the skin irritation seems to be clearing up.
He had been playing in the yard for a bit, but I did try him on leash and it went well. With consistency and training, I think it could easily be part of his daily routine. When I first tried to get him to sit on command, he didn't, but when I brought out a treat he was happy to take a seat. Selective pei. :)
He seems to have a playful personality and was enjoying playing with his ball in the yard. His energy level matches that of his younger age. Apparently he does do well around horses as he was raised on a farm with horses.
(Thanks to Naomi for meeting Baloo and such a great report!)
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Interested in adopting or finding out how to meet Baloo go to and fill out our on-line application. Want to help Baloo and other Shar-pei but can't adopt? Please visit our web-site and make a much needed, tax deductible donation! We thank you for your support and so do the dogs!

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