Breed: Labrador Retriever Shar Pei

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: M
Update Mid-September:

Tiammo is enjoying island life and has made so many new friends! He is a staff and volunteer favorite at the shelter where he enjoys playing with the lady dogs there and gets daily walks too! Volunteers have told us he is a real gentleman, walks well on leash and is eager to please! He has adapted to the move and changes very well. He is ready for a new home again and will be a loyal and loving companion if you take him in!

Please let us help you find him or contact staff at the Duncan shelter! More info linked below:

August 29:

Tiammo has moved to the island! Updates and new info on where to find him coming soon! Thank dog for volunteers, shelters and rescue! Contact TnT for more info until we have updates! Find us and Tiammo on Facebook and LIKE us! span style="color: #3b;">span>>/span>i-Rescue/918

August 25:

Tiammo has been getting more and more stressed at the shelter and is running out of time. He needs to find a foster or adoption home NOW or will be put to sleep as his stress is too much and he is starting to suffer from kennel stress.

TnT will help in any way we can including arranging training if you can commit to taking Tiammo in to your home. He needs an experienced dog person, no kids and is running out of time.

Please contact us if you can help us help Tiammo.

August Update:

Well, Tiammo turned out to be too much for the older Pei and foster fella so is now looking for a new place to call home again....

Tiammo is a young, active, social and smart boy who needs an experienced home that can commit to him for life! He has had a lot of change, been bounced around and is eager to please but needs to be guided as well.

He would make a great agility dog and loves to work for treats! He listens well but does get excited so his energy needs to be managed. He is a great jogging companion and once exercised is happy to clunk out by your side at home! Tiammo has amazing potential but needs to find the home that will work with him and commit to him!

TnT will help in any way we can to help you and Tiammo if you are able to take him in to your home.

July Update!

Tiammo is now in a new foster home with a Pei mix brother and doing well! He is an energetic, loving and playful boy who would be ideal for a home with teen or adults only. He needs guidance but has had the basics in training! He know his basic commands, shake a paw, listens well and is eager to please. He loves other dogs, not sure about cats tho.

If you are active and would like a dog that can keep up as well as enjoy laying around to cuddle Tiammo is for you! He is a healthy, young, pup who is ready for a new home and would love to meet you!

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May Update:

Sadly Tiammo is looking for a new home again. He loved his foster home, foster K9 brother and the kids in his home and they loved him very much. However, all the kids coming and going became too much for Tiammo so he is looking for a small kid-free home. He needs a home with older kids or no kids. He loved the kids he lived with but did not know how to deal with those kids who came and went, the friends of his kids.

Tiammo's foster family found him loyal, loving, playful and cuddly. A total ham who enjoyed playing with them and their other dog. He is housebroken, clean and handsome as anything. They were devastated to have to let him go but had too busy a home to concentrate on helping him overcome his developing issues with little ones visiting.

We know a home where everyone would work with him to help him understand how visitors come and go and how to act with the comings and goings is out there for Tiammo. Please help us find him that perfect match.

More pix of Tiammo on our Facebook site, like us to see him here!

Tiammo is in a foster to adopt home with a handsome Pei mix brother! Check out our TnT Facebook site to see photos of him in his foster home where, if all goes well, he will be staying forever! More updates about his NEW HOME on Facebook! He has been officially adopted!

More about Taimmo:
We have been told this boy is just lovely! A young, two-ish year old fella who is super friendly and loves people! He is handsome and healthy!
He is not yet trained to walk on leash but is eager to please and motivated to learn. He will not take long to learn to walk beside you but would benefit from some training classes and/or an easy walk type harness. Please consider taking this young man into your home to foster or love forever. The shelter does there best but is a hard place to learn to be all the dog you can be!

Taimmo is not with TnT Shar-pei Rescue but at a local animal shelter. We hope to help find him a home as his family did not come to pick him up when he was taken in over a month ago. He waited for them and they said they would come, but they did not so he is now hoping a new family will come to meet him!
To visit or find out more about him please go to:
A TnT volunteer and her very dog savvy, dog loving family went to meet him and found him to be a very sweet, gentle and lovely young boy!
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