Breed: Shar Pei

Age: Adult

Sex: M

Size: M
Rusty is now in a loving foster home. He is with Scooby's lovely family in memory of Scooby they have taken him in. They hope to take care of him as long as he and the cats and the other dog are ok with it! So far, so good and Rusty is adapting well to his new home and so much more. Rusty had had one eye removed and will soon have the other removed as well. He has had un-treated glaucoma and as a result has lost his sight and has had to have one eye removed so far. He has had ear infections, hot spots and has been over-all extremely uncomfortable. Poor guy has really not had a good life so far and thankfully, with the help of some amazing people, TnT and more is starting over!
More updates to come and we hope to report he is doing better everyday and enjoying his foster family, or, that they are enjoying him.
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Introducing Rusty!

Rusty will be moving to a TnT foster home this weekend if all goes well with the intros to the other animals in the foster home. Paws crossed for Rusty and his foster family to be!


Rusty had to have one eye removed and was neutered at the same time. He will be put on glaucoma medication for the other eye, and hopefully the fluid will drain eliminating any further surgery. He is doing great, and is going up and down stairs with a cone (and he can't see!!!). He is getting used to being comfortable and pain free. Something he has not been for some time. He is a doll and very adored by all who have met him so far! Dogs, people and all!

Introducing senor Rusty!

Did I say Senor, I meant are only as old as you feel and Rusty is feeling pretty good these days!

Rusty is not with TnT but in a foster home where he is getting the needed medical care he never had and needs!

Rusty's owners did not look after him medically. Rusty is 8 years old, and for those of you who didn't see the videos of him, which are on Facebook, he had untreated glaucoma. This is now being looked after as well as having him neutered. Thanks go to his foster mom for looking after this.

Despite the discomfort his eyes must be causing him, he is adorable and bonded with Sonya, his foster mom, in a week. He is good with male and female dogs and deserves a great family, he&#;s a real sweetie.

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