Breed: Shar Pei Pit Bull Terrier

Age: Adult

Sex: F

Size: M
Brandy is not with TnT Shar-pei Rescue but we are hoping to help her find her way to a new home. She is living in a home with a family member who has a very full house. Brandy is doing well but really wants to have more attention and be your full time companion.

Here is what her people have told us about her:

Brandy is about 8 years old, spayed female Pittie/PeiX. She belonged to a friend of a friend who was in a horrible accident and no longer able to care for her. Brandy was moved after the accident to a home that wasn't being very nice/good to her so another friend took her. So Brandy is now in need of her fourth and final home.

Brandy is trying really hard to be a good dog in the very busy home she is in now. This was to be a temporary home as it is already full of animals.

Brandy may be nervous around people she doesn't know, she will warm up eventually once she's around them but it does take time. Sadly, many people she has had in her life have been less than great to her so she needs time to trust you.

She shouldn't be around small children as she has not had children in her life until recently and the children she has met have been pretty rough with her. She is in a home now without children.

Brandy isn't great around small dogs, although Buddy, one of the dogs she is living with now, is a little guy, so it depends on the dog I think. Little dogs that get in her face annoy her. She adores most big dogs She is living with D.J. (she's a Lab/RottieX) and they play together a lot. She respects another visiting dog, Josie (Shep/HuskyX) who is, for lack of a better term, an alpha female. They'll never be best friends, but they can walk together, sniff things together without incident.

Brandy is good with cats, she lived with 2 cats in her third home and was fine with them.

Livestock and Brandy do not mix, she has been around livestock but was way too interested!

Brandy is housebroken, and prefers to do her business on her walks, rather than in the backyard. Very Shar-pei of her!

She's okay with food, no issues there but she is toy-possessive.

What Brandy needs more than anything is a committed, patient, calm home that understands that her life til them has been filled with ups and downs. Let us help her find that and you! Contact us to find out how to meet Brandy!

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